Surface dressing

A wear layer is a maintenance method to provide the road with a facelift.
Latexfalt has developed various emulsions that are suitable for various treatments of road surfaces and wearing courses.

Surface dressing (Latexfalt® Slijtlaagemulsie SE) 

Latexfalt Slijtlaagemulsie SE is the standard bitumen emulsion for surface treatments.
The balanced wear layer emulsion and contains excellent wetting and adhesion properties.
The Latexfalt Wearing Layer Emulsion SE has been specially developed for applying surface treatments in the months of April to September.

  • Standard wear layer emulsion
  • Good wetting and bonding properties

Modimuls® CS

Latexfalt Modimuls CS is a rapid setting bitumen emulsion, which can be used as a sealant for all kinds of surfaces.
Modimuls CS is especially designed for chipless sealing of asphalt constructions or for high performance tack coat applications.
Due to the low penetration grade bitumen used, the film formed after precipitation of the emulsion is strong and most importantly, non-sticky.
This solid film has excellent bonding properties and has excellent waterproofing characteristics.

  • Sealing asphalt structures or tack coat applications
  • Strong and non-sticky

Latexfalt® Safegrip SE

Latexfalt Safegrip SE is a polymer modified bitumen emulsion. This standard bitumen emulsion which has been specially developed for membranes and surface treatments. Safegrip SE has a water-repellent and stress-absorbing effect,
to protect or strengthen asphalt structures and concrete structures. For optimal protection, a two-layer system is required Safegrip SE to be fitted.

  • Standard wear layer for wooden bridge decks and concrete surfaces
  • Polymer modified

Latexfalt® Safegrip Color SE

Latexfalt Safegrip Color SE is a polymer modified and colorable bitumen emulsion.
This product is used for the preservation of concrete and asphalt structures. Also as a protective layer on wooden bridge decks. Safegrip Color SE serves as protection against deterioration and penetration of water and de-icing salts.
Color signaling between the layers is also possible as a signaling and security layer.

  • Colorable bitumen emulsion
  • Preservation and Protection (subcategory) Asphalt Repair

Latexfalt® Safegrip SK

Latexfalt Safegrip SK, has been specially developed for use on steep slopes and vertical surfaces, 
but is also extremely well suited for wearing courses on wooden bridge decks or decking.  The bitumen emulsion is used for surface treatments as well as SAMI,
to protect concrete, asphalt or wood. The application serves as protection for the construction in question, against attack or penetration of water and de-icing salts.

  • Highly inclined and vertical surfaces
  • Suitable as surface treatment and SAMI

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