Emulsion asphalt concrete is a maintenance method to extend the life of the asphalt. It is used on asphalt, concrete, in construction and road construction,
for maintenance or a relatively quick repair. The combination of Latexfalt Microdeck Color with aggregates, cement and pigment produces an emulsion asphalt concrete mortar.
There are various products that can be applied to various maintenance methods, for example; parking lots, intersections, pedestrian areas,
boulevards, shopping areas and cycle paths. Emulsion Asphalt Concrete serves for maintenance as well as for indicating changes in, for example, road sections by using colors. The Latexfalt emulsions contain synthetic bitumen, to which polymers have been added.
The products ensure an increased lifespan of the asphalt or concrete construction.

Latexfalt® Microdeck Color SA

Latexfalt Microdeck Color SA is an anionic bitumen emulsion, which is ideally suited to make asphalt concrete emulsions for small, manual repairs.
By mixing Latexfalt Microdeck Color SA with fine aggregates and pigment, a micro slurry is created for the surface treatment.
The product is a colorless emulsion and serves as a wear-resistant thin coating. It is an efficient maintenance method of, among other things; parking areas, boulevards, shopping streets, etc. Maintenance results in an increased lifespan of the asphalt concrete construction.

  • Suitable for machine processing
  • Increased lifespan

Latexfalt® Microdeck Color SE

Latexfalt Micodeck Color SE is an efficient way to apply a color layer on the asphalt or concrete and at the same time increase the life of the substrates.
By making wear-resistant and thin coatings in various colors with the emulsion concrete mortar. The maintenance is applied to asphalt, concrete,
in construction and road construction.
Also for indicating in color changes in, among other things, road sections, parking spaces, intersections, pedestrian areas, bicycle paths, etc.

  • Wear-resistant and thin coatings in various colors
  • Processes faster

Latexfalt® Microdeck Color W10

Latexfalt Color W010 is an extra modified Emulsion Asphalt Concrete. The product is suitable for surfaces that are subject to a high load.
The Latexfalt Microdeck Color W10 contains a higher elastic rebound, which results in a higher wear resistance.
The product provides wear-resistant and thin coatings in various colors. The application is suitable for asphalt, concrete in construction and road construction.
Also for maintenance or indicating in color changes. The result is an increased lifespan of the asphalt or concrete construction.

  • Higher elastic rebound and abrasion resistance
  • Extra modified emulsion asphalt concrete 

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