Asphalt repair

Repairs to damage patterns

Traffic intensity and weather influences can cause various damage patterns to the asphalt. Prevention is better than cure, but in some cases repairs are unavoidable. That is why Latexfalt has developed products that repair various damage patterns to asphalt structures. 

Latexfalt® Slemmix

The Latexfalt Slemmix is a ready-to-use and fine slurry, based on bitumen emulsion and fillers.  The Latexfalt® Slemmix can be used for mortar repair or sealing of an existing asphalt texture. By using the Latexfalt Slemmix there is no increase in layer thickness.

  • Restore or seal an existing asphalt texture
  • Ready-to-use and fine slam

Latexfalt® Handslem

The Latexfalt Handslem is a storage-stable slurry, based on bitumen emulsion, filler and sand. The Handslem is applicable to asphalt, cement and concrete roads, which require repair or conservation treatment. The Handslem can be used for fraying, tears, crackle and touching-up connection seams.
The slam is suitable for achieve very thin top layers, without high shear stress.

  • Repair or conservation treatment of asphalt and cement concrete roads
  • Very thin top layers, without high shear stress

Latexfalt® Joint Fill JX

Latexfalt Joint Fill JX is a crack and joint filling, which is largely used for filling cracks and joints. The best recovery is obtained with damage up to 20 mm in mastic asphalt, concrete or road asphalt.
The Latexfalt Joint Fill JX contains special bitumen, which is modified with highly elastic rubber-containing fillers for an optimal bond.

  • Crack and joint filling
  • Suitable for mastic asphalt, concrete and road asphalt

Latexfalt® Joint Fill RX

Latexfalt Joint Fill RX is a modified binder which is provided with special polymers. The bitumen mixture gives optimum flexibility to low-noise joint constructions.
The binder is designed for high flexibility at low temperatures and extremely suitable for high temperatures. 

  • Modified binder
  • Optimal flexibility

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